Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get a plan, get affordable health care

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How would you feel if I tell you that nine million children in the United States of America do not have access to quality affordable health care, for which their parents wouldn't have to shell out a fortune? It sounds terrible, I agree. This number and more like this are probably what prompted the government to gun for a health care bill.
It is a worldwide phenomenon. The wages and salaries of people across the world may be increasing or decreasing, but it is quite certain that medical bills are not what they used to be some time ago. And more and more people are falling ill, thanks to fast lives and sedentary lifestyles. Affordable health care seems to belong to the past.
Paying monthly bills is a task, probably for which you set dates and timers. On top of that, there may be the car insurance, home insurance, home loan, taxes and so on. But, you cannot afford to ignore the most important thing of all - your body. Is it insured? What about your family? If an unforeseen illness affects you or some member of the family, will you be capable of paying the bills without a problem? This is one of the reasons why in the modern world, you cannot live without a medical insurance.
However, it is an area where you have to tread with caution. There are enough policies from so many companies to confuse you. You have to choose which one to take after checking out the various conditions they have or require. Apart from the monthly or annual premium, you should also decide based on the deductibles, co-payments and other such conditions.
In some cases, if you join for a medical plan alone and later you want to add members of your family to it, the company may not allow you to. Make sure you go for a policy where your family members can be added later too, so that the cover extends to them too.
The importance of an affordable health care plan surfaces when you may have to run from pillar to post to find money to pay your bills. The worry of paying your bills should not make you choose a center which is poorly-staffed or has quality problems in treatment. While paying a premium every month may seem tough, it is better that you go for an insurance policy which will pay your bills when you least expect illness to strike.
Many companies have a list of hospitals where you can seek treatment. If you go to these hospitals, you may have to make only part payment of the bill and the rest will be taken care of by the insurance company. And, if you decide to go to a center that is outside the purview of the insurance company, you may have to request for a reimbursement for the bills you paid. When you are facing a cash crunch, it is better you rush to a hospital where you may have to shell out less.
Affordable health care is not available anymore. But what is available are means to make health care affordable to you.

The very term Affordable Health care suggests that a patient is able to pay for treatment and not have to suffer for want of the right medication and care. Unfortunately, there are no "affordable health care" laws that allow the patient to demand the necessary care that he requires.

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