Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is Obama Health Care Plan for 2009 ?

The American health insurance scene desperately needs reform. In a nation where over 15% of the population were without health insurance in 2008 and 16% of the gross domestic product is spent on health care, everyone agrees that change is necessary. The nature of that change, however, is up for debate. Those on the left advocate a single-payer approach that would cover all Americans, while those on the right champion private options such as health savings accounts and competition among health care providers. President Obama frames his plan as a middle of the road approach which would require coverage for all Americans, keep costs affordable, and ensure that coverage cannot be denied based on pre-existing health conditions.

The first aspect of President Obama's plan makes health insurance a requirement rather than an option. The reasoning behind this idea is that those who can afford to buy coverage but choose not to place a drain on the system by visiting emergency rooms for unexpected injury or illness and taking advantage of taxpayer money to cover the cost of the visit. Requiring everyone to purchase health insurance would create a larger pool of funds to draw from in order to cover the cost of the overall health care plan. Fines would be imposed on those individuals or businesses who chose not to purchase health insurance coverage. Those who cannot afford private insurance coverage would have access to a public option as well as a tax credit based on need. Critics say that fines levied on businesses would be passed on to consumers and would be the equivalent of a tax increase paid, not by the business, but by customers. They also point out that fines levied on individuals who cannot or choose not to purchase insurance are the equivalent of a tax on people making less than $250,000 a year, something Obama promised not to do in his campaign.

The second goal of President Obama's healthcare plan is to create an insurance marketplace that would provide affordable insurance options and healthy competition. Private insurance companies could participate and the opportunity to gain new customers would be the incentive for doing so and for keeping costs down. Opponents of this aspect of the plan claim that private insurance companies could not hope to compete with a government option and would therefore eventually be driven out of business, placing all health insurance care under the public option umbrella.

Third, President Obama hopes to ensure coverage for all Americans by eliminating the possibility for insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing health conditions as well as doing away with caps on lifetime coverage amounts. He would also limit what consumers can be required to pay out of pocket for care. While many champion this part of the plan as providing fair and equal access to healthcare for all Americans, critics point out that it would do away with any incentive for consumers to monitor their health care consumption, in turn causing costs for insurance companies to skyrocket. Many private companies would be forced out of business, again placing more health care under the government's oversight.

Without a doubt, health care in America needs reform. Costs continue to increase and people die due to lack of coverage. Whether President Obama's plan will meet the need or not remains to be seen as Congress gears up for health care debate.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Economic Recovery And Health Care Are video from Barack Obama

Watch video US President Barack Obama about Economic Recovery And Health Care Are Related.

Barack Obama says :

When I took office eight months ago, our nation was in the midst of an economic crisis unlike any wed seen in generations. While I was confident that our economy would recover, we know that employment is often the last thing to come back after a recession. Our task is to do everything we possibly can to accelerate that process.

And weve certainly made progress on this front since the period last winter when we were losing an average of 700,000 jobs each month. But yesterdays report on September job losses was a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts, and that we will need to grind out this recovery step by step.

Thats why Im working closely with my economic team to explore additional options to promote job creation. And I wont let up until those who seek jobs can find them; until businesses that seek capital and credit can thrive; and until all responsible homeowners can stay in their homes.

It wont be easy. It will require us to lay a new foundation for our economy one that gives our workers the skills and education they need to compete; that invests in renewable energy and the jobs of the future; and that makes health care affordable for families and businesses particularly small businesses, many of which have been overwhelmed by rising health care costs.

This is something I hear about from entrepreneurs I meet people whove got a good idea, and the expertise and determination to build it into a thriving business. But many cant take that leap because they cant afford to lose the health insurance they have at their current job.

I hear about it from small business owners who want to grow their companies and hire more people, but they cant, because they can barely afford to insure the employees they have. One small business owner wrote to me that health care costs are and I quote "stifling my business growth." He said that the money he wanted to use for research and development, and to expand his operations, has instead been "thrown into the pocket of healthcare ...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Medicare Advantage Video | Politics Preventing Free Speech?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Health Care Insurance: Receive Proper Care

Keywords : Health Care Insurance, Health America, health care issues, health care plan, health reform 2009, health reform bill, healthcare reform bill, horizon blue cross, medicare and medicaid, obama health care, personal care insurance| Author : Jess parker | Source:

It is very expensive to have Health Care Insurance and this makes it hard for everyone to get coverage. And if you happen to have a Pre-Existing Condition then the cost will be even higher. However the conditions of the insurance companies have changed these days. If you have been diagnosed with a medical issue and trying to get insurance then it is called a Pre-existing Condition. There are many people who can fall into this category due to diabetes or heart disease. When you first obtain the coverage, the insurance companies will deny the coverage.

One can easily find a great health care insurance plan through online and this proves to be the best way to search for a quote so that you can compare prices along with level of coverage that can be availed. If the insurance agency has declined you for insurance then make sure that you speak with an agent that can let you know the options that are available. However, even if you have a Pre-Existing Condition then there are many insurance companies that can offer you insurance. It is very important to get a health insurance done since Health Insurance is considered to be the most important things that one can do to have insurance coverage when you need it.

Moreover another source of help could be from investment advisors and financial planners. You might get some ideas or suggestions from these financial advisors.

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7 Things You Must Know About Health Savings Account Plans

Keywords : Health America, health care issues, health care plan, health reform 2009, health reform bill, healthcare reform bill, medicare and medicaid, personal care insurance | Author : EasyToInsureME | Source:

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are wildly popular. Since their introduction in 2004, approximately 2.5 million Americans have enrolled in these so-called consumer-driven health plans. But, alas, HSA plans are not for everyone.
Here are some pointers to help you consider whether an HSA will benefit you and your family.

1. An HSA plan can cut healthcare costs by an average of 40% for many people.
Nevertheless, some people will not realize any net savings. Those most likely to realize significant savings are people who pay all of their own health insurance premiums, such as the self-employed, who are relatively healthy with few medical expenses. savings plan restores freedom of choice.
An HSA plan puts individual consumers back in control of their own health care. This also means that each individual must be more responsible for his or her own health care decisions. This approach of self-reliance is not always popular with or appropriate for everyone, especially those who have become comfortable with HMO-type “co-pay” plans.

3. Health savings accounts reduce income taxes.
Every dollar contributed into your HSA account is deducted from your taxable income in the same manner as contributions into a traditional IRA account–regardless of whether you spend it or just save it. Interest and investment earnings in a HSA accumulate tax-deferred, just like a traditional IRA. Unlike an IRA, withdrawals are tax-FREE when used to pay qualifying medical expenses. In many situations, new account holders are able to almost fully fund their HSA with money saved on premiums from a prior, higher priced plan. By stashing all or most of those savings into an HSA, the account holder realizes instant, additional savings in the form of reduced taxes.

4. You must have a properly qualified high health insurance policy in place first before
you can open a health savings account. One of the biggest misconceptions about HSA plans is that any insurance policy with a high deductible will qualify the policyholder to establish an HSA account. IRS regulations, however, are quite specific. Not just any policy with a so-called “high deductible” will suffice. It is important to be certain that you are insured under a properly qualified policy. Your best bet is to work with a qualified and duly licensed health insurance broker who is experienced in marketing properly qualified HSA plans.

5. You must be insurable in order to qualify for the HSA-qualified health insurance policy.
Because most people do not have a properly qualified high deductible insurance policy, they will need to switch insurance plans in order to become HSA-eligible. Unless coverage is being offered under small group reform laws (generally groups with 2-49 employees), the new high deductible policy will be individually underwritten by an insurance company. This means that some “pre-existing” conditions may not be fully covered. Alternatively, some companies may opt to cover certain “pre-existing” conditions in exchange for slightly higher premiums. Unfortunately, some health conditions simply render an individual uninsurable (examples: diabetes, chron’s disease, heart attack, etc.). Underwriting requirements vary by state, which is another reason to rely on an experienced health plan broker.
You should not switch to a HSA plan when the management of existing medical expenses is more important than saving up-front medical insurance premiums. Do not change health plans: in the middle of ongoing medical treatments; after a major health issue has been diagnosed; or if any family member is pregnant.
Generally, it is relatively hassle-free to qualify, i.e. no medical exams, etc. Most insurance companies offering HSA coverage will issue based on your application answers, perhaps accompanied by a follow-up telephone interview. In some cases, medical records may be requested, and companies always reserve the right to order a paramed exam.

6. Although HSA insurance premiums are low, they are not always as low as you might expect.
This happens for one main reason. Simply stated, the underlying insurance policy is just that—a health insurance policy. Although it has a “high” deductible, as required by law, the insurance company still must compensate for the risk it is assuming over the deductible amount, which it does by charging premiums. Many companies offer policies with “one deductible” that all family members contribute toward. With those plans, it is not uncommon for premiums for a 5000 family deductible with 100% coverage after the deductible to be comparable to a 2500 “per person” deductible plan with 80/20 coverage after the deductible.
Lower premiums represent just one element of the lower net cost achieved with an HSA plan. The low net cost of an HSA plan is achieved after factoring in the benefits of lower taxes, made possible by the tax-deductible contribution to the HSA account. Thus, if obtaining the lowest possible gross premium is your main concern, you may wish to consider a high deductible, non-HSA policy, especially if you do not see the benefit to contributing to a tax-deductible savings account.

7. An HSA offers your best chance to keep a lid on health insurance rate increases.
Make no mistake-you will have rate increases with your HSA insurance policy. Because an HSA qualified policy is still a health insurance policy at heart, there is no logical reason to presuppose that an HSA policy would be immune to rate increases required by an insurer to keep paying claims and stay in business. But what you can expect is that the actual dollar amount of any future rate increases will be substantially lower compared to traditional health insurance plans (regular PPO and HMO plans). This is true because insurers base increases on percentages, and the same percentage of a lower base premium results in a lower dollar increase. It’s not a perfect solution-but it is the most cost-efficient solution for many qualified people.

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Get a plan, get affordable health care

Keywords : Affordable health care, Health America, health care issues, health care plan, health reform 2009, health reform bill, personal care insurance, obama health care, | Author : lesterzane | Source:

How would you feel if I tell you that nine million children in the United States of America do not have access to quality affordable health care, for which their parents wouldn't have to shell out a fortune? It sounds terrible, I agree. This number and more like this are probably what prompted the government to gun for a health care bill.
It is a worldwide phenomenon. The wages and salaries of people across the world may be increasing or decreasing, but it is quite certain that medical bills are not what they used to be some time ago. And more and more people are falling ill, thanks to fast lives and sedentary lifestyles. Affordable health care seems to belong to the past.
Paying monthly bills is a task, probably for which you set dates and timers. On top of that, there may be the car insurance, home insurance, home loan, taxes and so on. But, you cannot afford to ignore the most important thing of all - your body. Is it insured? What about your family? If an unforeseen illness affects you or some member of the family, will you be capable of paying the bills without a problem? This is one of the reasons why in the modern world, you cannot live without a medical insurance.
However, it is an area where you have to tread with caution. There are enough policies from so many companies to confuse you. You have to choose which one to take after checking out the various conditions they have or require. Apart from the monthly or annual premium, you should also decide based on the deductibles, co-payments and other such conditions.
In some cases, if you join for a medical plan alone and later you want to add members of your family to it, the company may not allow you to. Make sure you go for a policy where your family members can be added later too, so that the cover extends to them too.
The importance of an affordable health care plan surfaces when you may have to run from pillar to post to find money to pay your bills. The worry of paying your bills should not make you choose a center which is poorly-staffed or has quality problems in treatment. While paying a premium every month may seem tough, it is better that you go for an insurance policy which will pay your bills when you least expect illness to strike.
Many companies have a list of hospitals where you can seek treatment. If you go to these hospitals, you may have to make only part payment of the bill and the rest will be taken care of by the insurance company. And, if you decide to go to a center that is outside the purview of the insurance company, you may have to request for a reimbursement for the bills you paid. When you are facing a cash crunch, it is better you rush to a hospital where you may have to shell out less.
Affordable health care is not available anymore. But what is available are means to make health care affordable to you.

The very term Affordable Health care suggests that a patient is able to pay for treatment and not have to suffer for want of the right medication and care. Unfortunately, there are no "affordable health care" laws that allow the patient to demand the necessary care that he requires.

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Group health plan Illinois Brings New Insight to Health Care Reform

Keywords : Health America,wellPath North Carolina,personal care insurance,group health plan Illinois | Author : Jose Anderson | Source:

Headline after headline, talks of the upcoming and highly anticipated healthcare reform are being splashed all over the pages of newspapers, magazines, and are scrolling across our television sets. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a stance, and everyone may no fully know how to address the problem. The fact of the matter is that about a year ago, our economy fell and hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs. When these people lost their jobs they also lost their ability to pay for their health insurance, which is why we have the lowest rate of healthcare in the history of our health care. There are so many different reasons as to why people forgo to pay for health insurance and chose to pay for things like cable TV, dance lessons, and that new gamin system. However many people cannot simply afford healthcare because they no longer are being supplied the coverage by their employer. Sure there is an option to extend coverage, however this is typically far more expensive than having your employer match what you are currently paying. If you have a family then health care can be even more expensive, however this is only true if you do not do your research.

Group health plan Illinois is bringing new insight into health care because it is currently being offered at such a reduced rate that it actually has people purchasing healthcare, imagine that. The fact of the matter is that health insurance companies are realizing that when people cannot afford health care it is hurting them just as bad. By offering group health plan Illinois, it has brought much insight as to how to truly get this reform started, lower the cost of health care! Not only will individuals, families, and groups benefit from this but the health care providers, doctors, nurses, and medical institutions will also benefit. Stimulating this economy is something that needs to be done and this is the first step to making it happen.

Group Health Plan Illinois has been making waves in the health care industry and now other health care providers are starting to pick up on this new idea. By offering healthcare at the price that people are able to actually afford, consumer and suppliers alike will be in a better position all around. There is so much reform around us that it is up to us to make the best out of it. If we take a stance to ensure that we are only going to accept healthcare that we can afford then we will truly be moving forward. By identifying ideas like Group Health Plans Illinois and other reforms we will be able to formulate ideas, processes, and theories that will truly make an impact on the price of healthcare. Whether you are currently employed or not, I’m sure that having healthcare that you can more efficiently afford and keep track of will benefit you leaps and bounds.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Healt care note | Obama Health Care Will Destroy the Job Market and Private Insurance

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The proposed health care plan will destroy the job market leading to higher unemployment and higher prices for goods and services. Without question, this is not the direction we need to go to the correct current health care system. This plan fails to address some of the most fundamental issues at hand.

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